Executive Coaching


As an experienced senior leader for over 20 years, I will help you to work more effectively on a one to one basis and to see real progress in your role, in your teams and how you lead them.


Sometimes it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees in the day to day pressure of running an organisation or leading a department. Let me help you to prioritise your work, lead assertively, achieve your goals and see real results in whatever your work involves. I help my clients to be the very best it’s possible to be as a leader, to make a positive impact in a current or new role or to prepare for promotion if that is their next step.


Let me coach you to:

  • become a truly inspirational leader

  • be a better team manager

  • communicate more effectively

  • plan strategically with confidence

  • manage your time better and reduce stress

  • juggle competing commitments and prioritise with ease

I work with the following role holders to help them move forward:

  • board members and senior executives

  • headteaachers/principals 

  • team leaders and managers

  • small and medium-sized business owners and their staff

  • top organisational talent and high-potential new hires

  • employees with specific development challenges

I work with most of my clients in face-to-face meetings. When logistics require, I also work via Zoom or WhatsApp. The specifics of each coaching contract differ depending on the requirements of each organisation. I prepare a coaching proposal based on my conversations with the appropriate decision-makers within each organisation, or work directly with clients on an individual personal basis. Please get in touch if you have any specific enquiries.

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Email: rachelquesnel@mail.com  |  Tel. 07912 517 063

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