Mentoring for School Leaders

This bit is quite specific! As a secondary senior leader and headteacher, I led a variety of schools through many challenging situations including whole scale systemic change and reorganisations.

I can help you work strategically with stakeholders to ensure buy-in and trust when making decisions that affect them, and more importantly the children and young people in your care every day.


Examples include:

  • leading schools out of local authority control to academisation

  • Ofsted inspections 

  • managing staffing re-structures

  • taking staff through disciplinary procedures/dismissal when necessary 

  • working with unions/governors/parents 

  • dealing with the press 

  • marketing the school 

  • liaising with community partners

         … and much more


If you are a primary, secondary or tertiary principal and think you would benefit from a listening ear and a bit of advice to help you through some tough times, why not give me a call to see if I can help.


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