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Personal Styling

Style isn't fashion, it doesn't come and go with the seasons, it's knowing how to

put an outfit together with shapes and colours that make you 'glow'!

Do you want to:

  • feel confident in how you look every day without endless trying on?

  • feel comfortable with your own style personality, know what suits you and how to wear it?

  • save time, energy and money by clearing out what you don't wear and maximising what you do?

  • shop sustainably knowing you are supporting workers earn a fair wage?

If the answer to any of this is yes, then let me help you define your own unique style which expresses your personality and lets you shine with confidence! I can give you a guide to putting the perfect outfit together for work or play. Whether you want to present yourself as a smart professional who commands respect in the workplace, or you need some direction with looks for weekends or special occasions, let me hone your look with tips you can use forever.

I am passionate about and intrigued by style. Some might say you either have it or you don't; I believe you can develop it with a few pointers and techniques that can be easily taught and learned. I am not a slave to fashion and my own personal style is what I would call 'spirited' - it says a lot about who I am!  


I'm committed to developing an authentic, curated and discerning look that suits the real you. Let me help you look great and feel confident, without it costing the earth.


Style and Body Shape Consultation


After an initial phone or virtual conversation, I'll ask you to complete a Style Questionnaire to help me understand your current style. When we meet (either in person or virtually), we will talk about colours that suit you and I'll provide guidance on how to use colour, shape and proportion to enhance your existing wardrobe and favourite outfits. I'll advise you on how to dress for your body shape in clothes and fabrics that accentuate your best bits, hide the bits you don't like and boost your confidence! You'll receive a personalised Style Portfolio to help guide you on your own future shopping trips.

£150  (2.5 hours)

Wardrobe Update


Do you ever look into your wardrobe and think ‘I don’t wear most of this' or 'help, I have nothing to wear'? If like me, you occasionally make an impulse buy, regret it, don't get around to sending it back, then it takes up valuable space because you feel guilty throwing it out...then I can help! Let me help you sort through which clothes enhance your shape and those that are just not working for you. This will give me a chance to get to know you and will help me understand your lifestyle, your style aspirations and the image you want to present to the world. I'll help you pull outfits together to maximise what you already have explaining why certain colours, shapes and styles work well for you. I’ll then identify any gaps in your wardrobe and recommend items to complement your collection and where to shop for these. Experience has taught me that following up with a personal shopping trip is the best way forward after your wardrobe edit. With this in mind, I would suggest you consider one of my packages below for a complete restyling experience. I'll take into consideration your budget and any preferences you may have for ethical shopping and location.

£180  (3 hours)

£240  (4 hours)

Personal Shopping


Do you find the whole shopping thing frustrating, confusing or just plain demoralising? Are you unsure of what to buy and whether it really suits you or not? Some people love shopping, others hate it. Fortunately for you, I fall into the former category and would love to go shopping with you or for you! I can help identify which styles, shapes and colours suit you best and make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.  Allow me to remove all the stress of shopping and give you outfit solutions that'll help you shop incisively for yourself in the future​, both online and in person. Ideally, this service would be preceded by a home visit and a chat through your wardrobe in which case I would recommend investing in one of my packages below. Alternatively, we'll have a pre-shop chat to confirm your budget and focus and agree a list of shops or department stores to choose from. The prices below reflect a comprehensive service that includes any research before and post-shop advice to ensure that our time together is used effectively and that you are confident in how to style your new pieces once you get them home. My aim is to help you eradicate purchase errors and save you future time and money, and ultimately to help you feel like the real you, empowered, elegant and ready to face the world!

Half Day - (up to 4 hours) £240

Full Day - (up to 6.5 hours) £390

Please note additional time can be arranged either on the same day or on subsequent day/s. The prices above are for a Half Day or Full Day Personal Shopping and are the minimum costs for this service.

Styling Packages


  • Preliminary style consultation call/meeting

  • 2 hour wardrobe edit and review

  • mini colour and body shape advice

  • two hour personal shopping trip to refresh and fill any gaps from the wardrobe  £350


  • Preliminary style consultation call/meeting

  • 3 hour wardrobe edit and review

  • Body shape and colour analysis

  • 3 hour personal shopping trip (separate day) wardrobe refresh, style makeover, fill any gaps from the wardrobe £450


  • Preliminary style consultation call/meeting

  • 3 hour wardrobe edit and review

  • Body shape and colour analysis 

  • 4 hour personal shopping trip (separate day) wardrobe refresh, style makeover, fill any gaps from the wardrbe  £510

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