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Hi, I'm Rachel, I'm a Style Coach

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Whether we like it or not it’s a fact that people form an opinion of us based on what we’re wearing in the first three seconds, so why not make sure you’re reflecting the version you’re happiest with?!! Life is far too short not to get really connected with yourself, your purpose and what you want to present to others, and it all starts with your appearance, and crucially, the clothes you choose to wear. That’s where I come in…!!

People often ask me what does a Style Coach actually do? Well, it’s not all about shopping, (though to be honest, some of it is) so let me explain what I offer and how valuable a good Style Coach can be for your confidence, career and lifestyle. A Style Coach is much more than a Personal Stylist; as a trained coach and mentor I take an holistic approach to help clients find inner confidence and discover their outer style personality-that's when the real you shines through. Who doesn't want that every day?

As a Style Coach I focus on helping people achieve an authentic, polished look on the outside, and confidence to match on the inside. Style Coaching is a combination of personal styling facilitated by gentle coaching and motivational techniques to help you (and me) gain a better understanding of your goals, your aspirations and how you want to show up as the best possible version of yourself in your daily life, at work, on the school run or even when you're off out out!

I work with women and men who want to refresh their style and image so they feel truly happy with how they look and feel. I’ve helped many clients rebuild their self-image from the inside out and to conquer the limiting beliefs that prevent them becoming their confident and most stylish selves.

My styling services provide a platform for personal empowerment to help you understand the self-perceptions that previously held you back from dressing confidently and give you the tools to put together stylish outfits every day, banishing the ‘I don’t know what to wear’ dilemmas forever! Let me help you understand the colours, shapes and styles that suit you best and make you feel like the real you, whatever the occasion.

Do you want to:

  • feel confident in how you look every day without endless trying on?

  • feel comfortable with your own style, know what colours and shapes suit you and how to put an outfit together with ease?

  • save time, energy and money by letting me help you clear out what you don't wear and maximising what you do?

  • allow me to shop sustainably with you for those key wardrobe essentials that will make dressing stylishly a daily joy?

…well if any of the above resonates, please do get in touch for a chat. Or, if you have a special someone who’s stuck for a Christmas gift idea, take a look at my Gift Vouchers redeemable against any of my services. Click here to find out more and say hello to a new you!!

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