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Meet Rachel

Style | Coach

For as long as I can remember I've loved everything about fashion and style. My super stylish mum made clothes for me and my three sisters and we combined high street with thrift shop finds to create unique outfits. My own personal style leans towards my French roots with a simple, classic and creative wardrobe in both casual and formal attire.


I began my career in design before training as an art teacher then became a high school principal - maybe not the career path you'd expect of a style coach! However, it’s amazing what you learn about the importance of personal presentation when working in a leadership role. I use a gentle coaching approach in my styling sessions to get to know my clients' lifestyles, aspirations and what's holding them back. We then get to work on developing confidence and honing their own unique style with go-to, easy to create outfits, from new mums on the school run right through to senior executives and everyone in between!

Giving up the security of my job as a principal to move fully into my passion for style and fashion was definitely scary but completely worth it. I believe we all have the power within us to change our lives and to experience happiness and fulfilment. I’m honoured to be offering my expertise to help people of any gender or age achieve the same in their own lives.



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